UN Runs out of Budget

Since the United Nations help their members,  and all at the same time ask for a help. How should the UN judge this situation? Actually,  the United Nations is running out of budget according the news in this 2017. Many nations have asked for a help and funding. As the United Nations wants to help, they have given something they can give so as a result, the World Bank is almost running dry.  Although there are private organizations that tried to donate money,  food and many things, still the UN hardly recover the amount it had kept before.

In this situation, the UN has to assess a nation’s qualification for of receiving help. This is why it is not easy to receive a help from the UN in this year 2015. They admit that they might bot be able to give the desire of its children. However,  the United Nations makes sure that they are helping to maintain the health and safety of the people.  This is why World Health Office still continues to make change in the environment.

The UN admits that they can not really protect all the nations in terms of war. This is a heartbreaking story,  knowing that there will be a third World War but it seems they will join in the war. Thanks to their effort,  many people can still live and the breaking of the World War 2 is being delayed.  It is because of the UN that North Korea is not yet going fkr battle. UN also has nothing to do with NK in terms of money because UN is saving for the best.