Outstanding Achievements of the UN

Actually, the United Nations is able to help the nations in some areas like:

Disaster Relief. Since there are so many disasters happening all over the world, some nations may not be able to revive by its own. It may need a help so the United Nations  be there.  Actually,  the United Nations had helped,  many countries that were struck by disasters,  like Argentina, Philippines, USA,  Haiti,  Pakistan and many more countries donating their relief of compassion.

Peace and Safety. The United Nations support on the governments’ conduct on peace and safety.  They have continued to do their duty to avoid many crime and war uprising between nations.  Actually,  for the punishment of crimes,  depending on its gravity, its being carried out now. Since there are so many people indulging in terrorism,  the United Nations have at least done their best to reduce like this crime. However,  it the United Nations does not agree to the punishment of the criminals, the government shall solve the problems by force.

Environemental and Health Problems. Actually, the United Nations has ayed a role in taking care of the environment and natural resources.  They have brought to the whole world the issue of Sustainable Development in order to protect and serve the the environment’s beauty.  This is why they established the World’s Heritage Sites. Another is that they have founded the the World Health Office or known as WHO.

The Aid of Finance. The United Nations funds the projects of the nations and helps them accomplish their goals.  The funding depends on a nation’s contribution to the UN.