UNDP: The UN organ for the promotion of helping people have a better life

The United Nations have been divided into organs so that it could do its mission and be able to fulfill their goal. As an organization, it needs some structure and plans to carry out its mission. That is why they made divisions and groups so that one organ can concentrate on one area or aspect of their concern. They then can be able to concentrate and make plans in each organ to attain a goal that is established. In this article, we will see the UNDP in action.

The infographic provided by the organization is a way to let us know what they had done to make their mission a reality. In this case, they presented the mission they had conducted in the country of Sudan. This is for the year of 2014. They had divided the data presented in seven categories and so you can read each one of them to know what had happened or what they had done as accomplishments as of the year 2014. The details are provided in each category.

If we will see the number seventh category, we can see that it is about the peace dividend mission. There have been security provided in the community with beneficiaries of 16, 000 direct receivers and 68, 000 indirect ones. The 21, 000 of them are female and the 63, 000 is the number of men. They also provided a support for those fighters who were demobilized. Like this mission fulfilled, you can read all the others also in the infographic for complete learning of the mission.