Primary Tasks of the United Nation

The United Nations is established as the head-organization of all the governments in the whole world having New York City as the headquarter.  The aim of the United Nations,  as the name says,  is to unite all countries by means of economic development, establishment of peace and diversity, addressing the problems arising in each government, as the father of all the heads and many more.

The primary task of the organization is to solve dispute between nations.  There are times that a cold war arises between nations because of territorial matters,  economic crisis,  problems created by their people, threatening each other and so on.  In this case,  if some nations have one of the  problems mentioned above,  the United Nations will be there to help and they will stand as a judge of their problem.

Another task is to address the problems caused by disasters.  In this case,  many times the United Nations would help donate money to a nation that was struck by a disaster like earthquake.  For example,  the earthquake that occurred in Haiti,  there were too much damages, and the United Nations had to send money to the nation.  Not only in this situation but also in different areas of the world,  they will be there for a help. They should be strong enough to give everything they could give in order to save a nation.

One thing that they work on is to gather the head of the nations to come together for an assembly in order to be informed of the UN’s plan.  No matter what happens, head of the nations are obliged to attend to it because they have to secure their own nation.